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Black Lives Matter: Challenging Racism in Ourselves, Our Community and Our Country: Home

In this guide, you'll find a wide range of information and resources looking at, and addressing, racism and privilege, plus resources on anti-racism and inclusion. This may make you uncomfortable, and that's okay.

Catholic Leadership on Combating Racism

The RSCJ and Slavery in America: Addressing Our History of Enslavement

Know Your Rights: Protests and More

Reflection: Facing Racism

Books, videos and articles for identifying and understanding systemic racism and its manifestation in one's self and society, and changing it. For more resources addressing systemic racism, click the tab, "More Food For Thought". For more resources on looking at white privilege, click the tab, "Understanding White Privilege".

"On White Privilege: The Creation of Whiteness", Tim Wise (short video)

"What I am Learning From My White Grandchildren", Anthony Peterson (TED Talk)

Food for Thought

Videos interviews, blogs and other information aimed at concrete change. 

"Why We Need To Talk About Race", brief interview with author and activist Ijeoma Oluo

"Are You A Racist? 'No' Isn't a Good Enough Answer" states prize-winning author Marlon James.