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Black Lives Matter: Challenging Racism in Ourselves, Our Community and Our Country: History of Racism in America

In this guide, you'll find a wide range of information and resources looking at, and addressing, racism and privilege, plus resources on anti-racism and inclusion. This may make you uncomfortable, and that's okay.


The Whitney Plantation

The Whitney Plantation, located 40 miles outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, is the only plantation museum in Louisiana with an exclusive focus on the lives of enslaved people. Their website has in-depth information tracing the specifics of slavery in southern Louisiana over 150 years. Their walking tours focus on the history of slavery as lived in by enslaved people on this southern Louisiana sugarcane plantation, including visiting memorials built to honor the enslaved people,  the original slave cabins, a freedmen’s church, detached kitchen, and an 1790s owner’s house.

The Equal Justice Initiative: The Legacy Museum

The Equal Justice Initiative: The National Memorial for Peace and Justice

Ida B. Wells: African American Journalist and Activist Exposed Lynching of African Americans

This short animated film looks at Ida B. Wells' courageous coverage of lynchings, and her work for women's suffrage.