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Black Lives Matter: Challenging Racism in Ourselves, Our Community and Our Country: More Food for Thought: Essays, Letters, Podcasts, Speeches, Timelines

In this guide, you'll find a wide range of information and resources looking at, and addressing, racism and privilege, plus resources on anti-racism and inclusion. This may make you uncomfortable, and that's okay.

The Case for Reparations

Letter to Thomas Jefferson, 1791, Benjamin Banneker

"A More Perfect Union" speech, Barack Obama, 2008

Listen to the audio recording of "A More Perfect Union" by Barack Obama.

Read the transcript of Obama's speech.

The Question of Black Identity: episode from the "Historically Black" podcast

Medical Inequalities Between White Americans and POC Americans

A History of US Immigration Laws

The United States has enacted immigration laws since 1790. Learn about the inherent racism contained in many of these immigration laws passed over the past 230 years, by restricting the entrance of immigrants from specific countries, races, ethnic groups, and religions. 

Racially-motivated Violence in the United States: Race Riots Timeline