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AP U.S. Government Pages


Colored Women's League
Congress of American Women (page very brief)
Heterodoxy page (many listed names in red)
First Feminist Congress
National Coalition of American Nuns (page exists, needs additional info on ERA, Equality Act)​​​​​​​
Six Point Group

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AP Comparative Government Pages


  • Maria Cuevas (co-founder of NWHA)
  • Marie Louise Bottineau Baldwin (page exists, needs much more detail)
  • Dora Lewis (page exists, needs more images and details)
  • Eva Carter Buckner
  • Kizziah J. Bills
  • Sue M. Wilson Brown
  • Marian D. Butler
  • Bertha Pitts Campbell (page exists, participation in 1913 DC suffrage march needs detail)
  • Teresa Adams
  • Susan E. Cannon Allen
  • Helen W. Anderson
  • Alice Gertrude Baldwin
  • Ida Clark DePriest
  • Vera Virginia Wesley Greene
  • Minnie L. Gaines
  • Mary Roberts Coolidge
  • Phoebe A. Green
  • Naomi Anderson, CA suffragist (short page exists)
  • Willa Henry
  • Mrs. Emily Gross, companion of Susan B. Anthony
  • Dr. Charlotte Johnson Baker (has a page but it needs more suffrage detail)
  • Mabel Ping-Hua Lee (section on suffrage could be expanded)
  • Grace Campbell (page exists, needs detail on suffrage work)
  • Lucy Thurman (page exists, needs detail on suffrage work)
  • Phyllis Terrell
  • Beatrice Sumner Thompson
  • Minta Bosley Allen Trotman
  • Carrie Griggs Tuggle
  • Lillian Turner
  • Edna Walton
  • Laura Moore Westbrook
  • Marion B. Wilkinson
  • Helen E. Christian
  • Mary Beasley Byron Clarke
  • Caroline B. Williams
  • Sylvanie F. Williams
  • Mary J. Johnson Woodlen
  • Elizabeth G. Carter
  • Jeannette Carter
  • Mattie Coleman
  • Helen A. Cook
  • Myrtle Foster Cook
  • Fannie Wilson Cooper
  • Minnie L. Crosthwait
  • Gertrude E. Curtis
  • Helen M. Curtis
  • Mary E. Taylor
  • Emma Sykes
  • Blanche Stubbs
  • Georgia Stewart
  • Lucy J. Sprague
  • Lydia C. Smith
  • Anna Bustill Smith
  • Rosetta Larue Sands
  • Gertrude Rush (page exists, needs detail on her suffrage work)
  • Luisa Rollin
  • Frances Anne Rollin
  • Lottie Rollin
  • Naomi Sewell Richardson
  • Emma J. Ray
  • Charlotte B. Ray
  • Emma Comer Ransom
  • Nancy Prince (page exists, needs significant work)
  • Alice Moore Presto
  • Sarah Massey Overton (page exists, needs significant work)
  • Georgianna K. Offutt
  • Nellie B. Nicholson
  • Lyda D. Newman (page exists, needs details & organization)
  • Anna Jane Evans Murray
  • Verina Morton-Jones
  • Rosa Moorman
  • Mary Molson
  • Victoria Haley
  • Mary Mossell Griffin
  • Musette Brooks Gregory
  • Bertha Clay McNeill
  • Mary A McCurdy
  • May Martel
  • Mabel Taliaferro (page exists, needs to mention her suffrage work)
  • Virginia Brooks (Alpha Suffrage Club, page exists needs more details)
  • Hazel Hunkins Hallinan (page exists, needs more details)