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Biology - What is Female Project: Home

Welcome to the LibGuide for the What is Female? project. You can find links to sources on your topic below. There is an overview article for each topic. We recommend reading the overview first and then exploring articles about specific species to deepen your understanding. A video about each topic has also been provided.

As always, whenever you are researching, please open NoodleTools in a separate tab. Save your sources as you work. Link below:

Sequential Hermaphroditism Video

Sequential and Simultaneous Hermaphrodites Video

Parthenogenesis Video

Gynandromorphism Video

Want More Info?

Try searching in this database:

Search Tips

If you want to look for more information, these tips can help:

  • Try searching for a simpler version of your condition's name. For instance, search "parthenogenesis" or "virgin birth" instead of "facultative parthenogenesis."
  • Try pairing your condition with the name of an animal that you know it occurs in. For instance, search "parthenogenesis" AND "shark."
  • Look at the search results under News and/or Magazines. These are usually written for a lay (non-expert) audience instead of a community of scientists.

Off-Site Username and Password List

Here is login info for our library databases if you'd like to access any of them off-campus.


If you have questions while you are researching, please drop by the library or email Ms. Chatterjee ( or Ms. Li (