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Welcome to the LibGuide for Loner Lit. This page contains resources to help you with your Illustrious Loners research project. Every time you work on your research, first open your NoodleTools project for this assignment. Here is a link to NoodleTools:

We recommend beginning your research by consulting one of these databases:

Historical Figures

These are helpful databases for researching historical figures (before the year 2000):

Contemporary Figures

These are helpful databases for researching contemporary figures (the 2000s and after):

Religious Groups

This is a helpful database for researching a religious group:

Search Tips

  • Start by reading a biography or overview of your figure from one of the databases in the box above. This will help you generate search terms based on their life. (Example: "H.P. Lovecraft" AND "invalid".)
  • Try search terms that will focus your results on articles that mention the figure's choice to go it alone. Some suggestions:
    • (name of figure) AND solitude
    • (name of figure) AND privacy
    • (name of figure) AND recluse
    • (name of figure) AND introspection
  • Try using variations of these words as search terms, too. (Example: "H.P. Lovecraft" AND "solitary" instead of "solitude".)

Off-Site Username and Password List


If you have questions while you are researching, please drop by the library or email Ms. Li ( or Ms. Chatterjee (