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AP U.S. History: Period 5: 1844-1877

5.1 Contextualizing Period 5

Explain the context in which sectional conflict emerged from 1844 to 1877.

5.2 Manifest Destiny

Explain the causes and effects of westward expansion from 1844 to 1877.

5.3 The Mexican-American War

Explain the causes and effects of the Mexican–American War.

5.4 The Compromise of 1850

Explain the similarities and differences in how regional attitudes affected federal policy in the period after the Mexican–American War

5.5 Sectional Conflict: Regional Differences

Explain the effects of immigration from various parts of the world on American culture from 1844 to 1877. Explain how regional differences related to slavery caused tension in the years leading up to the Civil War.

5.6 Failure of Compromise

Explain the political causes of the Civil War

5.7 Election of 1860 and Secession

Describe the effects of Lincoln’s election

5.8 Military Conflict in the Civil War

Explain the various factors that contributed to the Union victory in the Civil War.

5.9 Government Policies During the Civil War

Explain how Lincoln’s leadership during the Civil War impacted American ideals over the course of the war.

5.10 Reconstruction

Explain the effects of government policy during Reconstruction on society

5.11 Failure of Reconstruction

Explain how and why Reconstruction resulted in continuity and change in regional and national understandings of what it meant to be American.

5.12 Comparison in Period 5

Compare the relative significance of the effects of the Civil War on American values.

Continuities of Period 5

Women's Suffrage in Period 5