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AP U.S. History: Period 6: 1865-1898

6.1 Contextualizing Period 6

Period 6 is from 1865-1898

6.2 Westward Expansion: Economic Development

Transcontinental railroads, discovery of raw materials and government policies furthered economic growth.

6.3 Westward Expansion: Social and Cultural Development

American Indians preserved their tribal identities despite government attempts at assimilation. Migrants moved West for economic opportunities including mining, ranching, working on railroads and farming.

6.5 Technological Innovation

6.6 The Rise of Industrial Capitalism

6.7 Labor in the Gilded Age

6.9 Responses to Immigration in the Gilded Age

6.10 Development of the Middle Class

6.11 Reform in the Gilded Age

Temperance, suffrage, expanded access to education, farmer's rights, labor rights, advocates for the Social Gospel and more

6.12 Controversies over the Role of Government in the Gilded Age

6.13 Politics in the Gilded Age

6.14 Continuity and Change in Period 6