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AP Comparative Government: Political Institutions (2)

2.1/2.2 Parliamentary, Presidential & Semi-Presidential Systems

Describe parliamentary, presidential and semi-presidential systems such as parliament in the UK , presidential systems in Mexico and Nigeria and the semi-presidential system of Russia.

Parliamentary: UK
Presidential: Mexico, Nigeria
Semi-Presidential: Russia, China
Parliamentary with a president: Iran

2.3 Executive Systems

Compare institutional relationships between parliamentary, presidential and semi-presidential systems

Sole Executives: Mexico, Nigeria, China
Dual Executives: Iran, UK, Russia

2.4 Executive Term Limits

Explain the structure and function of chief executives such as China's Military Commission & General Secretary of the CCP, Iran's Supreme Leader, Guardian Council and Expediency Council, presidents in Mexico and Nigeria, Russia's prime minister and president and the prime minister & Monarch in the UK

4 year term: Nigeria, Iran
5 year term: UK
6 year term: Mexico, Russia
No term limits: China

2.5 Removal of Executives

Describe the process for removal of executives

2.6/2.7 Legislative Systems

Describe the function and structures of the six different legislative bodies. Explain how legislatures can be constrained by institutions of government such as the Politburo Standing Committee and National People's Congress in China and Iran's Expediency Council as well as the Guardian Council.

2.8/2.9 Judicial Systems